Week 1, Day 3

The first benefit I’ve found by joining the L.A. Leggers is that they give you a training plan. This means I don’t have to do much thinking and I can just do as I’m told. I’ve been online looking at this training plan and that training plan but I always wondered; how well does the plan work and is it for someone of my experience?  With my actual plan, I know that’s it’s already been proven and it is for someone of my experience. Check!

The first thing I did was transfer the plan into an app I use called Runmeter. This way each day I already have a goal and its programmed into my app. I just do what it says. Today it told me to run 2 miles do I did it. So now the only thinking that I have to do it what to do on my cross training days. 

When it comes to cross training, I wanted to do something that would obviously support my running goals. The L.A. Leggers gave some suggestions such as swimming, yoga, cycling and walking. I’ve decided to go with strength training. Since I’ve never really worked out I know that I have weak muscles. Or at least I know that they need to be built up. I’ve been stalking another page that I’m going to use for my strength training called Kinetic Revolution. It’s a great resource for all kinds of supportive running exercises and it has a great 30 day guide. They also have an active and supportive Facebook page. Another thing to tell me exactly what to do to get stronger. Check!

Something crept into my thought process while I was doing all of this and that is the potential for injury. Yikes!  I don’t want to get sidelined because of an injury!  I had to stop these thoughts quickly before they get out of hand. So to keep myself in a positive stats of mind, I’m having complete faith in the plan and in the strength training to gradually build up my strength and endurance to reach my half marathon goal injury free. 

Already feeling good and keeping positive and motivated!

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